“A Perfect Love Story.”


Back in the early – mid-‘50s, mom and dad were both working as court reporters in Chicago .  Chicago being Chicago, attorneys didn’t trust each other.  Not even enough to trust the opposition’s court reporter.  So each side would bring their own reporter.  (So silly – of course, the two reporters always got together afterwards and collaborated on the transcript!)  

There came a fateful railroad case, with Helen working for one side, and Don for the other.  He was instantly smitten by this beautiful young reporter, who appeared to be just a bit… out of her element, perhaps?  In over her head?  For whatever reason, the consummately confident Don, in true, completely altruistic fashion, offered to share notes with the lovely Helen.  

She, however, may not have been as instantly smitten as he…  

He waited outside in the plaza, with the chill wind howling off the lake, holding a single, perfect red rose.  

Each year, on their wedding anniversary, that gallant, handsome, young man gave his beautiful bride a frozen rose.