The Fighter

Dad was a member of several online cancer support groups, and as naturally occurs, developed an especially close bond with certain of the members.  There was a select group that referred to themselves as The Fearsome Foursome,” and their mission was to write limericks.  Some really bad limericks.  (Some really great ones too, of course.)  Here, the Foursome’s farewell tribute:


May God and Your Muse Go With You


Our compadre, the great Father Don,
Having penned his last verse and passed on,
Leaves us sad, but inspired
And from this day mired
In limericks to linger upon.  

For his passion was poignant and deft
And his verses are all we have left,
Though we all sang his tune
He departed too soon
Leaving each of us sad and bereft  

And though limericks are always fair game
Somehow writing them isn't the same
So his lead will be missed
By his friends on this list
We should end them to honor his name.

 So I'm writing this last one for Don
We'll be coming your way, friend, anon
And you'll know that we're near
When it's limericks you hear,
Until then, cherished friend, carry on.


To the Founder and Spiritual Leader of "The Fearsome Foursome plus two".

....our last respects.  

Our Beloved Compadre  

Existence in the vacuum of your absence
is a suffocating walk along an unfamiliar path
of brief escapes and short resuscitative
gasps of air that force me to accept
the stark reality of sudden endings.  

Small tasks and life's mundane responsibilities can occupy the mind for fleeting moments only, disappearing in a tidal wave of memories that leave so little room for other thoughts.  

And as I learn to breathe again, recalling all the beauty and the wonder and the haunting inner mystery of you, I am afraid at times to ask myself how much of me went with you.

Till at last I realize your poetry lives on and what consoles me now is how so very much of everything you were, and are and will forever be, remains, still shining and alive, within my heart and soul.