Friday evening's wake and Liturgy for the Burial of a Priest

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01 D

Chaplain Rabbi Azneer

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02 D

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03 D


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04 D

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05 D

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06 D

Uncle Jack and Cathy sharing a quiet moment


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07 D

Fresco on ceiling

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08 D

Picture board honoring dad, including his work as a chaplain for the St. Petersburg Police Department

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09 D

Same board, showing his police jacket, cap and badge; he was buried with the badge


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10 D

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12 D


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13 D

Father Peter and Father Chris


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14 D

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15 D

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16 D


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18 D

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20 D

Attorney and Deacon Joe Ciarciaglino giving the eulogy.  (Apologies for the poor quality)



Saturday's funeral and graveside services

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21 D

Cathy's husband, Ali; and son, Donovan

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22 D

Uncle Jack and Mom getting into limo

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23 D

Sandi's son, David; Cathy; Cathy's daughter, Christy; her son, Donovan; and her husband, Ali


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25 D

29 D - Cliff at altar, blurry but useable.jpg (40116 bytes)

29 D

Husband of one of our reporters, Phyllis Pennington, Cliff

30 D - Cathleen and somebody at casket, blurry, useable.jpg (46499 bytes)

30 D

One of our reporters, Cathleen Tveten


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31 D

Uncle Jack paying his respects

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32 D

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33 D


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34 D

Cathy's son, Donovan; mom; Uncle Jack; Terry; mom being presented the veteran's flag by Father Peter's son, Mark (now serving in the Gulf War on the USS Detroit)

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35 D

Cathy's son, Donovan; Uncle Jack; Terry; Father Joseph

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36 D

Cathy; her son, Donovan; mom, Uncle Jack; being presented the cross by Father Peter


Precious friends and co-workers, who knew the family was completely drowning in details and grief, took the reception in hand, at the Feather Sound branch of Kanabay Court Reporters.  Here, some of their preparations

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13 T

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12 T

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14 T


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15 T

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16 T

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18 T

Reporter Lynne Ide, in the completely unfamiliar role of Doing Domestic


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17-A T

Reporter Lisa Brood, marveling at Lynne's, uh, Domestic Doings

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19 T

Father Chris; choir member; Reporter Carla Jessal

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20 T



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21 T

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22 T

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23 T

On the right, dad's old friend and our longtime client, attorney John T. Allen, Jr.; on the left, the driver we hired for him


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24 T

The photo boards on display at the reception

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25 T

Reporter Sheryl Williams; Reporter Lisa Brood; Cathy

26 T.jpg (14373 bytes)

26 T

Former Kanabay reporter Natalie Heaton; Reporter Robin (hidden behind her;) Reporter Carla Jessel



27 T.jpg (9238 bytes)

27 T

Steve McGill, husband of close friend of Donna's, Linda McGill

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28 T

Cheesecake made by Kanabay's office manager, Mary Jo

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29 T

Donna and Jeff Marshall, husband of former Kanabay reporter, Patti Marshall


30 T.jpg (10352 bytes)

30 T

Cathy's daughter, Selena; hidden, friend of Harris, Sandi's son; hidden, Christy, Cathy's daughter; at head of table, Lee, Donna's husband; Jamie, Christy's best friend; David, Sandi's son; Donovan, Cathy's son

31 T.jpg (15675 bytes)

31 T

With back to camera (in white), Mary Jo, office manager; standing in doorway, Lynne, Kanabay reporter; seated on floor and couch, former Kanabay reporter, Cindy Fantauzzo; former Kanabay reporter, Natalie Heaton; Kanabay reporter, Robin McCormick; back to camera, lower right-hand corner, Kanabay reporter, Sheryl Williams.  (Sheryl and Robin have been with Kanabay practically since our doors opened.)

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32 T

At left, barely in frame, Kanabay reporter, Debbie Turner; Sandi's son, Harris.


33 T.jpg (12856 bytes)

33 T

Members of Father Peter's church and choir

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34 T

Donna's husband, Lee; Lynne Ide

35 T.jpg (8474 bytes)

35 T

Former Kanabay reporter, Patti Marshall




36 T.jpg (10955 bytes)

36 T

 Back to camera, reporter Kara; reporter Phyllis (also with us nearly since inception,) mom; Cliff Pennington, Phyllis's husband

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37 D

Father Chris and Terry


37 T.jpg (12164 bytes)

37 T

Mom, speaking to Phyllis (out of frame,) reporter Robin McCormick; Cliff Pennington; Father Peter's son and Father Peter


38 T.jpg (8671 bytes)

38 T

Father Chris, Terry, Sandi and Father Peter's wife, also a choir member.

39 D.jpg (27575 bytes)

39 D

Lynne Ide; Uncle Jack; mom; in front of mom, Donna; to Donna's right, friend and reporter Linda McGill; to Linda's left, friend and reporter Tammy Jenkins (who came all the way from Miami to help lay out the party.)  Standing, friend and former Kanabay reporter Patti Marshall.  Together, all of the reporters form the Florida contingent of a close-knit group of friends of court reporters around the country.

40 T.jpg (15881 bytes)

40 T

Donna and mom


41 D.jpg (31160 bytes)

41 D

Okay, we've heard of passing the plate, but this is ridiculous:  Kanabay reporter Nick LaFaro,     Father Peter, Tammy-from-Miami

41 T.jpg (16554 bytes)

41 T

Phylls and Cliff Pennington; Sandi's daughter Selena bending over -- the cheesecake?? foreground, Lynne Ide; back to camera, Cathy's lifelong friend, Margaret and her husband; Terry

42 T.jpg (14225 bytes)

42 T

Steve McGill


42 D.jpg (25304 bytes)

42 D

Margaret, Cathy and Ali

43 D.jpg (26783 bytes)

43 D

Margaret, Donna and Cathy

43 T.jpg (13050 bytes)

43 T

Tammy in a pensive moment - or is she looking on in approval?


44 D.jpg (24495 bytes)

44 D

Sandi's daughter, Selena; Harris's friend; Cathy's daughter, Christy; back to camera, Sandi's son, David

44 T.jpg (13580 bytes)

44 T


45 D.jpg (22576 bytes)

45 D

Same group as in photo 44 D, with the addition of Christy's close friend, Jamie




45 T.jpg (11205 bytes)

45 T

The Naghitorabi family:  Christy, Donovan, Ali and Cathy

46 T.jpg (10479 bytes)

46 T

Donna, Cathy; Margaret (back to camera,) Sandi

47 T.jpg (17144 bytes)

47 T

Donna, Cathy, Donovan, Margaret




48 T.jpg (16385 bytes)

48 T

Same as 47 T, with the addition of Ali

49 T.jpg (19776 bytes)

49 T

Linda McGill, Phyllis and Cliff Pennington

51 T.jpg (12653 bytes)

51 T

Uncle Jack, mom and Sandi