The Kanabay family has been involved in court reporting most of their lives.  Don and Helen Kanabay met and married when they were both reporters in Chicago, Illinois, in the mid-'50s.  In 1967, Don won the Illinois State Court Reporting Championship, a sanctioned speed contest.  Following a 2-year sojourn in Mallorca, Spain, with their four daughters, their dog and their cat, the family returned to the United States, spending a year in Washington, DC., where Don received Top Secret security clearance in relation to his work as a reporter on Capitol Hill.   The family then settled in St. Petersburg, Florida, where they have worked as Officials in Pinellas County since the early '70s, as well as free-lancers doing deposition work.   It took years of experimenting, but the company finally found the perfect combination of locations for their clients, both local and out-of-state.

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The Court Reporting Kanabays in sunny downtown 
St. Petersburg

(from left to right)
Sandra Kanabay Ambush, RPR, RMR
Helen Kanabay, RPR, RMR
Donna Kanabay Harvey, RMR, CRR, daughter
Donald Kanabay, RPR,  RMR